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Unbreak dual sim support

Bastien Le Querrec requested to merge dual-sim into master


This PR fixes dual SIM support. Work in progress, do not merge.

  • Fixes issue when sending encrypted message with ICCs in slot >=2
  • Send keys from all ICCs
  • Use one private/public key per SIM card (otherwise users will get "Bad encrypted" errors)
  • Fix session termination
  • Upgrade database (now, sessions are stored in files that depend on subscription ID)
  • Display all identities in VerifyIdentityActivity
  • Generate keys when a new SIM card is inserted
  • Match ICC<-->keys
  • Select SIM according to last received message
  • Display slot index or number if 2+ ICC use the same display name
  • Select ICCs eligible for auto key exchange
  • Ask user to select a SIM if no one is selected by default (selecting a default subscription for SMS messages is mandatory in Android)
  • Test with Android 5.1.1+ on one-ICC devices
  • Test with Android <5.1.1

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