Commit a5f0141c authored by Bastien Le Querrec's avatar Bastien Le Querrec

add changelogs in metadata/

parent 7c8f1017
- Fixed crash on upgrading
- Removed `READ_CALL_LOG` permission
- Fixed Norwegian localization issues
- Fixed problem with upgrading the database
- Fixed key exchanges being blue while pending
- Fixed crash when username was null in MMS auth
- Improved handling of requests to end non-existing sessions
- Updated translations
- Added support for Android Wear
- Added support for Lollipop-style notifications
- Improved encrypted message detection (for using as non-default SMS app)
- Fixed bugs
- Added a generated avatar for contacts without pictures
- Fixed emoji drawer bugs
- Fixed crash in AppCompat
- Fixed manual key exchange completion
- Fixed occasional generated avatar mis-sizing in conversation
- Updated translations
- Added support for direct photo capture
- Fixed ANR on certain devices
- Updated emoji set
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Added a new, more "material" UI
- Added support for per-contact options
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Added GIF support
- Added new options
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Removed more push-related code
- Fixed MMS crash
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Added MMS download controls
- Improved MMS requests
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Improved settings
- Fixed bugs
- Updated translations
- Added support for archive actions
- Improved UI
- Improved MMS support for Android 5+
- Fixed lots of bugs
- Fixed crash on Gingerbread
- Fixed some issues with RTL languages
- Updated translations
- Fixed keyboard/focus regressions
- Fixed debug logs
- Fixed click interception on failed messages
- Fixed silent in-thread notification
- Fixed notification LED and sound
- Fixed contact sorting
- Fixed crash on invalid image
- Fixed database migration from 0.12.3 to 0.13.1
- Updated APN database
- Added Esperanto translation
- Updated translations
- SMSSecure is now Silence
- Added new emojis
- Added support for multi-SIM phones
- Added encrypted backups
- Fixed strings
- Updated APN database
- Updated translations
- Fixed APN issues
- Updated translations
- Fixed MMS issues with Android 4.x
- Updated translations
- Fixed blocked MMS download
- Fixed notifications with Android N
- Prepared for upcoming XMPP transport
- Added reminder to enable delivery reports
- Fixed privacy settings with Android < 5
- Fixed SMS characters calculation
- Updated APN database
- Updated translations
- Fixed lots of minor bugs
- Fixed notification lights with encrypted messages
- Updated translations
- Fixed notifications when Silence is locked
- Fixed issues with vibration of notifications when Silence is unlocked
- Added button to send drafts from main screen
- Updated emojis
- Updated translations
- Added missing emojis flags
- Added widget with unread messages count
- Added support for image keyboard
- Added Android N bundled notifications and quick reply
- Added support for direct share targets
- Added sticky date headers
- Added scroll-to-bottom button
- Updated translations
- Minor bugs fixes
- Fixed button to download MMS messages
- Updated translations
- Added link to our Privacy policy in Settings
- Added "New messages" divider
- Linkified geo: and xmpp: URIs
- Fixed occasional crash on Android 7 quick reply
- Updated translations
- Fixed build
- Updated translations
- Fixed glitch with "Secure session ended" items
- Updated translations
- Moved from Axolotl to Signal protocol
- Fixed crash when opening a conversation
- Added fallback to legacy MMS API on failure
- Added minor UI improvements
- Fixed minor bugs
- Removed dead code
- Updated translations
- Fixed crash on malformed encrypted messages
- Updated translations
- Updated emojis to Android O
- Improved build reproducibility
- Fixed crash on malformed messages
- Enabled incognito keyboard mode by default
- Removed cleartext password that may leak
- Enabled Czech and Portuguese (Brazil) languages
- Updated translations
- Switched to a new way to send encrypted messages
- Updated translations
- Fixed crash on some devices when exporting data
- Added fallback to ROM's emojis
- Updated translations
- Fixed persistent crash when downloading some MMS messages
- Updated translations
- Added option to hide "new message" separator
- Updated APNs with fix for Free Mobile (FR)
- Switched to a new way to receive encrypted messages (started in v0.15.9)
- Updated translations
- Fixed logs sending
- Added option to share key fingerprint
- Minor UI fixes
- Updated translations
- Improved MMS support and quality of scaled images
- Added Android Auto support
- Added UI fixes on failed messages
- Added selective permissions
- Improved welcome screen
- Added option to always ask for the SIM card to use to send a message
- Updated translations
- Fixed infinite loop when sending MMS messages
- Fixed crash when receiving encrypted MMS message
- Updated translations
- Improved local encryption
- Fixed duplicated MMS settings
- Added notifications channels
- Updated translations
- Fixed bugs
- Removed TextSecure push-related code and strings
- Added ability to import TextSecure backups
#!/usr/bin/env bash
VERSION_NAME=$(echo $1 | sed -e 's/\./\\\./g')
USAGE_HELPER="usage: $0 <version_name> <version_code>"
if [ `basename $(pwd)` = "scripts" ]; then
cd ..
if [[ -z $1 ]] || [[ -z $2 ]]; then
exit 1
parsed_changelog=$(pcregrep -M "^^### \[$VERSION_NAME\] - .*\n((?!#).|\n)*" | tail -n +2)
if [[ -z $parsed_changelog ]]; then
echo "Cannot find $1"
exit 1
mkdir -p ./metadata/en-US/changelogs/
echo "$parsed_changelog" > "./metadata/en-US/changelogs/${VERSION_CODE}.txt"
echo "Changelog for v${1} written in ./metadata/en-US/changelogs/${VERSION_CODE}.txt"
\ No newline at end of file
#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [ `basename $(pwd)` = "scripts" ]; then
cd ..
TAGS=$(git tag | sed -n '/unstable$/!p')
for tag in $TAGS
version_name=$(echo "$tag" | sed 's/^v//')
echo "Changelog for $tag..."
git checkout tags/"$tag" build.gradle
version_code=$(grep versionCode build.gradle | sed 's/ *versionCode //')
echo "Version code for $version_name is $version_code, writing changelog"
./scripts/ $version_name $version_code
git restore --staged build.gradle
git restore build.gradle
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