Commit dcd0e28f authored by Bastien Le Querrec's avatar Bastien Le Querrec

do not print a warning about subbscription ID on old API versions

parent 16ac76fe
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ public class SilenceSessionStore implements SessionStore {
public SilenceSessionStore(Context context, MasterSecret masterSecret, int subscriptionId) {
Log.w(TAG, "SilenceSessionStore for subscription ID " + subscriptionId);
if (subscriptionId == -1) Log.w(TAG, "Subscription ID should not be -1!");
if (subscriptionId == -1 && Build.VERSION.SDK_INT >= 22) Log.w(TAG, "Subscription ID should not be -1!");
this.context = context.getApplicationContext();
this.masterSecret = masterSecret;
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